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Women in Agile: The Changing Face of Agile – Session Notes

In this post, I will share my notes on a presentation about Women in Agile given for the Agile Alliance.


In this video, Natalie Warnert, the chair of Agile Alliance’s Women in Agile Initiative, explains the background behind the program. Then Cindy Morse, VP of Engineering Operations at Salesforce Marketing Cloud discusses her involvement and experiences in the greater technology community. This workshop is part of the Women in Agile Initiative.
– Description from the Agile Alliance web page.

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Joshua Bloch on API design

I just found a great video titled How to Design a Good API and Why it Matters on Google videos by Joshua Block. While many of the examples are taken from APIs in the Java libraries, the principles are applicable to interface design in any application.

Joshua has written a number of well known programming books and was formerly a Distinguished Engineer at Sun and is now a Principle Engineer at Google and hearlded as one of their most revered software gurus. I also found a set of slides for Joshua’s presentation, although they are from an earlier version:

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