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The Windows USB video class driver

In 2003, Microsoft added a standard USB video class (UVC) driver, Usbvideo.sys, to Windows XP as part of SP2. It is also included in all installations of Windows Server 2003 and Vista. This means that if you have a webcam or other video device that has a USB device driver that conforms to the USB video class specification, you can just plug it into your computer and it will work! No driver installation necessary. Any video device that has the “Designed for Windows Vista” logo must have a UVC compliant driver. The really cool thing about the UVC driver is that it is not just provided on Windows, but also on Linux and Mac OS-X, so a video device that complies with this spec will work anywhere!


July 23, 2007 at 5:56 pm 2 comments

How to compile AMCap

The DirectShow SDK (now part of the Windows SDK) includes a sample application called AMCap (Active Movie Capture) that illustrates the use of DirectShow filters to capture video from a device like a webcam or camcorder. I had all kinds of trouble the first few times I tried to build this, so I documented the steps for a successful build. Here they are:

These are the steps I followed to successfully build and run AMCap. I used Visual Studio 2005 Professional edition, SP1 for Vista, running on Windows Vista Business version . Note: the paths I have listed are the default installation paths and may be different on your computer.


July 20, 2007 at 8:53 am 11 comments

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